My panels are made using the traditional method of kiln firing paint onto glass. I use a combination of glass types but often incorporate mouth blown glass from English Antique Glass in Birmingham. They are the last remaining manufacturers of mouth blown sheet glass in the country and produce some beautiful coloured glass.
For the actual painting I use high quality Reusche glass paints and stains purchased from the states.

To begin with the glass paint is mixed with water and gum Arabic and applied using a badger brush to obtain a smooth matt finish on the glass. Once this is dry I work into the glass using brushes, sticks and needles in a kind of sgraffito technique. The painted piece is then fired in my glass kiln to fix the paint to the glass surface. Some of my pieces are painted and fired several times to build up shading and different colour combinations.

The glass pieces are finally leaded together, cemented, left to dry and then the leads are buffed up with a touch of grate blackener to make them shine. I solder copper loops to the top for hanging.

You can see a selection of my work in the gallery. Many of these pieces can be repeated and I am also happy to undertake commissions.